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COVID-19: How are we responding

With Coronavirus or COVID-19 rapidly changing our daily lives, we are taking necessary precautions. Our staff and customer health is first priority for us! We continue to stay open and support the heavy sanitation and disinfecting needed to promote wellness.

What are we doing to protect our clients?

We continue to serve our clients. We have a staff "check-in" each day to confirm we have not come down with any symptoms such as congestion or cough during the night. We are confirming with each client that no travel has taken place within the last three weeks and that our client's are symptom free before entering each home.

Our equipment is sprayed down after each house, gloves are changed throughout the house and we are using stronger disinfecting cleaners during this time. We are spending a little extra time at each location to make sure all homes are disinfected and our staff has done the necessary disinfecting of our equipment and themselves before we get into our vehicle and enter another home

We continue to strive for excellent customer service. Please contact us with any questions.

Stay safe and be healthy!

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